Best Rooftop Bars in Cartagena’s Historic Center

Best Rooftop Bars in Cartagena

Ruben Sanchez

Cartagena offers visitors many places to relax with cold drinks, delicious food, and stunning views. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide where to go. We prepared this list to help you pick the perfect rooftop to fit your travel vibe. Whether you’re winding down from a long day of exploring or gearing up for a big night out, you’ll love these rooftop bars in Cartagena’s historic center.

For the Best Ambiance

Alquímico, Calle del Colegio

This stunning art-deco themed bar offers a decadent ambiance for guests, without the stuffy-vibes of a high-end establishment. Your eyes are in for as much of a feast as your stomach at this cocktail club that has been designed to resemble the inside of an old-world chemist. Inside, herb-infused liquors are displayed in glowing bottles on 2-story high glass shelves, calling to mind the creative experiments of alchemists from the past. If you climb the winding staircase up to the terrace, you can sample one of these creative drink infusions in the fresh air. If you aren’t sure what to order, ask the bartender (or chemist), to craft something special for you, and they will be happy to oblige. Between its ambiance, inventive cocktails, and delicious food menu, Alquímico is a truly unique and unforgettable destination in the walled city.


If you feel hungry

Mar y Zielo

The menu was created by Peruvian chef Mariano Cerna, who has fused the DNA of his country’s cuisine with Colombian ingredients and local, long cocktail menu, and in house-DJ make this a perfect spot have fun with friends before heading out to enjoy Cartagena’s famous nightlife. From the rooftop bar you will have a pretty close view of the cathedral's dome, making it one of a kind in Cartagena. If you are feeling hungry, don’t miss out on their delicious ceviche.


For the Best People Watching

Mirador Gastro Bar

This aptly-named rooftop terrace (mirador = lookout) provides a birds-eye view of the main entrance to Cartagena’s historic walled city. Grab a seat by the edge and watch locals and tourists alike come and go from the city-center all night long. From your perch, you’ll spot vendors dressed as superheroes, people taking group photos, and spontaneous dancing taking place below in Plaza de Los Coches. On some weekend evenings, you’ll have the best seat in the house to a live concert or dance performance.
Mirador offers up classic gastropub fare and drinks to anyone willing to climb a few stairs to its 4th-floor location adjacent to the clock tower. The large bar serves specialty cocktails for reasonable prices, including gin and tonic drinks made with fresh fruit and herbs. There are several televisions playing mostly reggaetón music videos, but we can bet your eyes will be busy elsewhere.


For the Chillest Vibes

Townhouse Rooftop

Atop the Townhouse Boutique Hotel, you will find a chill bar that is popular with young, hip crowds. Located smack in the middle of the walled city, this bar allows visitors to see the historic domes, churches, and colonial buildings of Cartagena from an entirely new angle. The terrace itself features two wading pools, lots of palm trees, and plenty of umbrellas for shade. To complete the chilled-out, tropical vibe, Townhouse serves up a long-list of Caribbean inspired cocktails and shared plates. The food menu represents a fusion of flavors and styles, and portions are generous. Try the baby octopus with Peruvian chimichurri sauce or the sautéed mushrooms with truffle oil. You won’t regret it!


Best Place to Watch the Sunset

Movich Hotel

With its 360-degree, panoramic views, the rooftop bar above the 5-Star Movich Hotel is the perfect place to wind down after a long day of exploring. The terrace's unbeatable view includes Cartagena’s old city, the bay, and the ocean. The relaxed vibe is complete with a pool, jacuzzi, loungers, and chilled-out house music. As the sun sinks towards the horizon, reflect over your day as you enjoy one of the most charming views in the Caribbean. While most hotels in the walled city charge a fee to access their rooftop, Movich is open to the public with the purchase of a drink. Still, you won't regret ordering an appetizer from their rotating food menu. We highly recommend the octopus carpaccio!
Keep in mind that Movich’s unparalleled view makes this a very popular spot with tourists. Arrive a little early to be sure to find a comfortable seat.


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Sunset Beach

Boticario - Santa Clara Hotel

Boticario Bar is the only one in Cartagena to use the innovative clarification technique to create a menu full of surprising cocktails and drinks. Their cocktails with and without alcohol, created with mixtures of liquors, syrups and spices are a medicine for the soul and the promise for visitors is to live a memorable experience in a relaxed atmosphere with very affordable prices. The Bar is Located at the rooftop of the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel. Built in an old convent and an architectural jewel from 17th century. The entrance to the bar is 50 meters ahead of the main entrance of the hotel. Schedule: Thursday to Saturday from 5:30 pm to 12:00 am

SKY51 Bocagrande
For some of the most spectacular views of Cartagena, you will need to travel outside the historic center to nearby Bocagrande. At the top of the skyscraping Estelar Hotel and Convention Center, you will find a bar that offers 360-degree views from 51 stories above ground. From these heights, you can experience an unbeatable view of the walled city, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. Watch the boats move in and out of the bay or gaze at the endless, sprawling ocean with a drink in hand. These incredible views will establish SKY51 as a highlight and a new option of your trip to Cartagena.

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