5 Must do activities in Cartagena

5 Must do activities in Cartagena

Juan Ballena Travel Experiences in Cartagena

There are many different types of excursions and tours available in Cartagena, from regular city tours, which offer a practical way to see all the main sights of Cartagena, to excursions which offer more authentic experiences that will bring you closer to the culture and way of life of the local people.

We’ve done the work to select the best options for you to choose from so that your trip to Cartagena will provide you with a unique travel experience and leave you wanting to either return to this great city, or never leave it.

Bike Tour through the Historic City

The historic centre is not as small as it may seem. In fact, you could spend all afternoon walking through the streets, and you will definitely pass by the same spots more than once. Taking a bicycle tour will ensure that you will see every corner of the architectural jewel that is the Walled City, and you’ll also get to take a trip through the Getsemani neighbourhood as well. While on the tour you can also take note of the spots you liked the best so that you can return there later on your own. If you are looking for a unique experience we recommend the movie bike tour, where, in the company of a film director, you will explore the places around Cartagena where several well known Hollywood movies were filmed. This tour provides the perfect mix of history and fiction, perfect for a city as magical as Cartagena.


Rosario Islands Tour

A paradise located just 45 minutes from Cartagena, the best option for a day trip to Rosario Islands is to spend the day at Gente de Mar, the spot with the best beaches on Isla Grande in Rosario Islands National Park. Once there you can enjoy the tranquil environment and relax in true caribbean style. You can find more information about Rosario Islands here.

Diving and Snorkeling

Baru and Rosario Islands are surrounded by coral reefs which are home to a variety of different types of marine life, which makes it a cool spot for diving and snorkeling, the temperature of the water is never below 25ºC, even at night! You can book this experience here. There are many diving excursions for beginners and for certified divers.


Cartagena Private City Tour

The advantage of taking this private city tour is that you can cross all the must see places in Cartagena off your list in a single day. Additionally you will be travelling through the city in a comfortable, air conditioned vehicle with a bilingual guide so that you’ll be prepared to enjoy the entire experience and manage your vacation time as you see fit.


Bazurto Market Tour

This activity is an experience that is not suitable for all travellers, however, it is very recommended for those who really want to get a feel the authenticity of the local city life and get away from the typical tourist zones. The central market is a place filled with tons of people, heat and noise. It is one of our favourite spots in Cartagena, as you can find any type of food or item that you could possibly be looking for, at almost half the price of what you can find in the old city. If you are feeling adventurous enough to experience Cartagena like a real local, we recommend that you take sign up for this tour. We also recommend that you make sure to bring some cash along with you so that you don’t miss an opportunity to buy and taste different fruits that can only be found in Colombia.


EXTRA TIP Rent a Private Boat and go to Rosario Islands. There is nothing better than enjoying Rosario Islands your own way and at your own pace. Although it may seem like this is an activity reserved for only those with a lot of money to spend, there are boats available to suit a variety of different tastes and budgets.
Don’t worry for the price, boats have room onboard for at least 10 people, so if you go in a large group and split the costs, you can see that this activity may be more inexpensive than you think.The main advantage of renting a private boat is that you can visit all of the places you want to go, from the most private islands and beaches, to partying at Cholon. When renting a boat, the total cost includes gas for the entire day, a captain and a captain’s assistant, and a fridge full of ice to keep your drinks cold. Keep in mind that food and drinks do not come included, but you can pick them up at any supermarket beforehand. 
You can find more information here


Remember that you can contact us in English, Portuguese, or Spanish if you have any questions or concerns about any of these activities, or if you need help planning your trip to Cartagena. The caribbean is waiting for you!

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